How to travel to Würzburg

How to get to Würzburg when arriving by plane

Airport Frankfurt:
This is one of the closest and biggest airports to get to Würzburg.

Distance Frankfurt - Würzburg: 119km
By train: ICE 1h 8min (directly from the airport)
By car: 1h 20min

Airport Nürnberg:
This is the closest airport to Würzburg, but also much smaller than Frankfurt airport.

Distance Nürnberg - Würzburg: 109km
By train: ICE 54min (from Nürnberg main station)
By car: 1h 15min

Airport Munich:

Distance Munich - Würzburg: 277km
By train: 2h 10min (from Munich main station)
By car: 2h 40min

Airport Stuttgart:

Distance Stuttgart - Würzburg: 147km
By train: RE 2h 15min (from Stuttgart main station, connections are not direct)
By car: 1h 30min